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    new working modes & innovative systems

    Hello there !


    Earlier this year, I joined Emilie Hourlier as the co-director of happens, a consulting practice where we focus on new working modes, a collection of emerging trends that are shaping innovative organizations that aim at being more adaptable, more responsive to a fast-changing world, as well as more purpose-driven, for the sake of keeping everyone engaged. Emilie and I met at the experimental Worklab/LBMG part of the bigger urban experience Les Grands Voisins in 2017. We have been prepping and ramping up our operations ever since.


    What I bring to happens' clients is a very operational mix of know-how in managing extended teams - cultural integration, information systems - experience in international markets and the inherent complexities they convey - business development, business models - and a few years of practice in developing interest-based communities and venues, such as CartO and Proto204. (more on these projects hereunder)


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  • What I learned here and there...


    Business development & strategy

    Complex projects (real-estate, economic development, innovation)

    Marketing & growth

    Extended/international team management


    Business models


    Growth scenarios
    International expansion

    Digital era economic development


    Offerings & contents conception/optimization

    Marketing & sales materials

    Complex projects renderings (calls, co-offerings, position papers)

    Business plans


    Structuration/integration of marketing processes

    Campaigns design & management

    Local mobile applications


  • Teams & places that have built me...

    photo CartO

    CartO & CartO+

    Development of a mobile app for the local life

    2016 > 2018

    Terre & Cité was created in 2001 by a group of farmers, and has grown to encompass the other stakeholders (municipalities, environmental groups, citizens, companies) involved in development of Plateau de Saclay and surrounding valleys that are home to 800,000 inhabitants 20km south-west of Paris.

    CartO is an opensource application, both web and mobile, aiming at exploring this territory as much as living on it on a daily basis. Whilst still in its developing stage (alpha), its design and architecture were develop with the various communities it will serve.

    logo Expliseat


    Marketing Strategy

    summer 2015


    Expliseat's TiSea is revolutionizing air transportation by making planes both lighter (by the tons) and wider.


    2015 was a turning point in the international marketing strategy and process for the company that has since brought remarkable success in sales.


    logo Proto204


    Project Leader

    2013 > 2015


    Launched in 2014 by the Paris-Saclay Development Authority, PROTO204 is a 200 sqm collaborative and open space dedicated to innovation, creativity and sharing with the local creative communities.


    Since opening, PROTO204 has hosted over hundreds of events, and thousands of attendees, students, researchers, startupers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs and citizens,


    logo EPAPS

    Paris-Saclay Development Authority

    Director Economic Development

    2012 > 2015

    Paris-Saclay is one of the largest and most dense R&D clusters in Europe, situated 20 km south-west of Paris, labelled a national priority, and hosting already some of the top education and research facilities, both public and private. The project is multidimensional, and will involve developing over 2 million sq meters of research, education, housing and corporate facilities and joined investments in the range of 20 billion Euros, in the next 15 years.

    logo Hubtech21



    2005 > 2012


    Hubtech21 (now French Tech Hub) supported European technology companies in developing sales on the US markets (from Boston and San Francisco offices), and positioning as niche leaders in biotech, medtech, optics & IT. Clients included Amplitude Laser, Ariana Pharma, Cellectis, HGH, Hybrigenics, Imagine Optic, Institut Pasteur, Kayentis, Mauna Kea Technologies, Quantel, Spring Technologies.

    logo Essonne Développement

    Essonne County Development Agency

    Deputy Managing Director

    1999 > 2007


    Heading a small team, I designed and implemented a service-based approach to support companies growth in both outward trade & inward investment., notably around emerging technology clusters clusters Saclay & Genopole.

    logo SCALEN

    Greater Nancy Development & Tow-Planning Agency

    Project Manager

    1992 > 1999


    As a project manager in urban development, I first worked with local governments and real-estate professionnals, before movng to investment promotion and managed location projects, especially with the callcenter industry with high results in jobs creation (2,000+)

    City of Nancy


    1989 > 1992


    I started my career as an economist with the mayor Office, working on employment, business real-estate and clusters.

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  • Experimenting around the globe...

    Europe <> Africa<> America

    "There are no stripes in the shadow of a zebra". African wisdom.

    A European by birth (Belfast, UK), I somehow pursued nomadism as an education: I went to primary school in Addis-Ababa and Bordeaux, was in Lomé (Togo) for the secondary, and in Nancy (France) for University. I guess this made me grew in openness, curiosity, and eventually catch up English as a second language. This is possibly also what initially framed my interest for innovation as a pathway for novel technologies and usages to emerge.


    This interest grew up to be both a passion and an occupation across the past fifteen years, and brought me to found Hubtech21 - in Boston and San Francisco - and contribute to the commercial development of technology companies on the US markets. I more recently joined the team in charge of creating and building the cluster and university project in Paris-Saclay, where I have been working and living for the past five years. Other adventures, generally on the friendly and experimental side took me into alternative music (1991), science cafés (2007) and nanoparticles (2009), among other things, but that's another story.


    What I am focusing on today is to share the skills and experiences that I was lucky enough to acquire towards teams who are working today at the edges of what will be innovation and development in the years to come, chiefly in the areas of digital contents and services, as well as structuring local communities.


    I was trained mostly as an economist, but my daily explorations take me to many different domains (see Ressources), in a never ending journey...